We believe in keeping pace with the rapid technological advancements, be it in any kind of our stones, and hence, to design your spaces in a futuristic manner, we bring to you a handpicked and distinctive assortment of nano crystallized glass stone.

Our platter for nano stones has the following distinctions

Authentic White | Himalayan White | Carrara | Eiffel | Inks | Persian White.

2800 mm x 1600 mm and 2800 mm x 1500 mm. Smaller cut- to- size tiles also available.

12 mm to 30 mm.

Plain White Polished, 3D Inkjet Printed.


The countless virtues of nano crystallized glass stone opens up an unlimited vistas of its applications. With 3D inkjet printing technology in place and respecting the original textures of components, we constantly strive to incorporate artistic designs and patterns into the nano stones thereby imparting it an eloquent look and distinctiveness. These perceptive patterns can be customized as per customer’s need.

In addition to the patterns, linear beauty is also engraved into these slabs which appear beautiful and poetic and have a great resemblance to the classic Roman Art that is bound to make you fall in love with it at first sight.

To list, here are a few applications:

Living Room- Bright and Elegant

Superior ranking on Mohs hardness scale and extreme water and scratch resistant properties make these nano stone highly suitable flooring, cladding and decorative material in living rooms.

Additionally, excellent glossiness and vibrant white color enlightens the entire living space thereby reducing the light energy consumption by nearly 25 %.

Bedroom- Deep Sleep Reassured

The inherent presence of radioactive materials in the tiny veins of natural stones is one of the reasons for emission of harmful radiations from them. While wood and laminates have formaldehyde content this also emits harmful discharges in surroundings. These are responsible for impairing your health while you may be asleep.

With nano stone materials, the radiation is almost a quarter of international standards and there are no other detrimental emissions which safeguards your health and your sweet dreams.

Kitchen- Stain Free and Clean

Oil and grease stains are infamous for their stains they leave behind on a surface. Natural stones, as they possess higher porosity and non water absorbent characteristics, fail to maintain the shimmer they have when they’re new.

On the contrary, there is nano glass stone which is completely water and stain resistant, ensuring that your cooking and dining space is clean, hygienic and stain- free for years to come.

Laboratories and Hospitals- Healthy and Safe

The anti- bacterial, anti- corrosion and fireproof properties of nano glass stones have a valuable role to play in its applications in hospitals and laboratories in order to ensure a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment.

Commercial Spaces and Buildings- Comfortable and Economical

Comfort and economics are the top considered factors when designing a commercial space or a building. This is where our nano stone extends its helping hand!

The extreme durability, hardness, wear and scratch resistance alongside easy maintenance and minimal cleaning effort dignified by a royal gloss and beauty make nano stones a perfect choice for enriching the commercial spaces keeping long- term economics in mind.