“Frame your future out of a stone!”


Widely recognized as the ‘Nano Stone’ or ‘Nano Glass Stone,’ this conception in stone technology is a revolutionary and futuristic one. Far more superior and exceptional to the traditional architectural decoration materials, nano stone is the most outstanding cross- category materials in the world that has realized an entirely new horizon to the age old building materials.

The term ‘nano’ refers to the component size in this new age crystal that is being rapidly endorsed worldwide for its countless benefits. In our stride towards a greener and sustainable living environment, we bring to you this novel and exotic material that transcends the performance of a traditional natural stone, ceramic, jade, wood and paint, etc. It is extensively regarded as a stepping stone towards a greener, more sustainable and path breaking architectural development.

The unparalleled performance and characteristics are the outcomes of the fact that they are derived from un-recyclable wastes of natural stones, woods, ceramics and other building materials. With crystallization process being at the core of their development, they are extremely hard and durable possessing a graceful color and translucence with an everlasting glossiness; all this while being extremely noble to the environment in terms of production and reusability.

Why Nano Stone?

It has the least (almost none) radiation amongst all architectural materials and is non- toxic, thereby being completely safe for all living beings.

It breaks the conventional stone manufacturing processes that pollute the environment releasing non-recyclable wastes. Hence, it is completely eco- friendly and green.

It is exceptionally strong and durable, with its hardness being rated higher than granite and marble.

It is extremely maintenance free and easy to use as it can be directly employed after cutting without any special coating or curing agent unlike other building and décor materials.

Weather, acid or alkali has no effect on its surface as it is extremely inert towards chemical reactions. This means that there are no chances for any kinds of lesions such as stains, pale yellow spots, fading, etc.

It is non- porous, waterproof and anti- slippery which keeps its shape and color intact for almost an indefinite period of time and prevents accidents due to slippage.

There are no chances of cracking, peeling or flaking in a slab of nano stone as it is highly resistant to wearing and scratching.

Fire and activity of microbes stay away when this material is in place as it is eminently fireproof, anti-bacterial and non-toxic.

An exquisite and elegant color with a gleaming shine imparts a royal feel and look to the living space.

It is very easy to work with a nano stone that traverses its way to unlimited applications as it can be molded into any shape under hot bending conditions.